Winter is fast approaching & it is important that our garden is given a little care before the cooler and harsher months of Winter begin.

To start, a good dose of liquid fertilizer is one of my favourites, allowing for new growth and food stores in the plant to be building for the next Spring Season.  

Pruning your trees, shrubs or hedges is important also to ensure that they have more chance to sprout new growth such as buds and new leaves after the Autumn and Winter months.  You can tip prune the smaller plants and cut back a little more the larger plants in the garden. This will also give them a chance to rest after a massive growing season in the recent Spring and Summer we have just had, allowing them to recouperate and restore.

Any good Plant Nursery will have the fertilizer you require to help with preparing your gardens for the coming months in Australia, and are happy to help if you need any assistance with the products available these days.  

Although our Winter is not as cold as other countries it can still cause plants and gardens to stress and fail.  The above tips are about helping your garden to flourish after Winter, as well as  help with the rougher months in late Autumn through to the Winter.